Carved from Oak. Etched in Stone.

The historic, oak-lined streets of Mid City are a microcosm that reflects the beauty found throughout our great city. From the bustling, modern businesses of Florida Boulevard to the charming boutiques of Government Street, Mid City hosts a full representation of the big and small of the Baton Rouge economy. Its people are a blend of ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds and the community’s unique culture stems from this diversity. This celebrated district is the heart of our city, and it’s our mission to see it thrive.


Why We Exist

Mid City Merchants was created to bolster local business and stimulate growth in mid city, Baton Rouge's historic and cultural hub.


Driving Business amidst a Thriving Culture

Mid City’s resurgence is one of the most exciting parts of today’s Baton Rouge development. New burger joints and beer gardens adjacent to historic homes and age-old antique shops, the character of Mid City cannot be found anywhere in else in the city. As the merchant’s group of the district, we’re dedicated to stimulating growth of its businesses; and as members of the community, it’s our passion to see the area, it’s businesses and fellow community members continue to thrive.


Become a Member

Through membership with MCM, you'll see your business and your community flourish.



Mid City Merchants

Board of Directors



Dyke Nelson - President
DNA Workshop

Gerri Hobdy - Secretary
Baton Rouge Community College

Justin Lemoine -Beautification
ELS Landscape Studio

Denage Piper
Capital One Bank

Jeanne Boudreaux
Boudreaux’s Fine Catering

William Wells
Culinary Productions

Geordy Waters -Vice President
Waters Pettit Real Estate

Sam Sanders - Treasurer
Mid City Redevelopment Alliance

Matthew Thomas
Mid City Tower

Brad Jenson
Brick and Bombs

Kristen Deihl

Kelly Rogers  
Baton Rouge General